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The Architecture for Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema has arrived. Creating opportunities. Delivering flawless images. From start to finish. Day in, day out.

Audiences see pictures that exceed the quality of modern film prints, from the first screening until the last. Outstanding uncompressed digital audio enhances their experience. A new range of possibilities exist for in-theater entertainment, branding and booking.

Encrypted content is securely delivered through any combination of mediums ranging from satellite or broadband to physical media. Multiple screens can be managed from a variety of locations, local or remote, over secure network connections. Exhibition gets connected. Audiences are energized. New ideas are born.

Possibilities abound-manage multiplexes from a central location, tie together disparate business systems, utilize theaters more efficiently, re-purpose quickly based on ticket sales, and present "alternate content" or schedule live events during off-peak hours.

The final result is a theater viewing experience where the audience enjoys pristine image quality that exceeds most film release prints and is nearly identical to the best screening rooms in Hollywood.


While shooting on film remains the norm for full-length features, CGI and other digitally generated elements are routinely incorporated. From the outset, many content creators rely increasingly on a wide range of digital tools. HD cameras, digital tape and disk-based recorders are rapidly being embraced by a new generation of creative storytellers. It is important to bear in mind that any movie can be screened digitally - even if it was originally shot on film.

Post Production

The rise of the digital intermediate process means feature releases and alternate content including trailers, theater promos and advertisements can now originate in pure digital form or will be converted into digital data from analog formats during post-production. Software utilities optimize an encoding process where the final result is a Digital Cinema Distribution Master that yields picture-perfect copies every time.


The Avica Mastering suite is a combination of Avica software and externally supplied hardware. Operators of the suite quality control and compress the DCDM using standard methodologies that support secure data transmission and recovery, even in lossy delivery environments. The operators go on to encrypt and package the files according to DCI or other widely accepted interoperable standards. The result is a secure, easy to transport file combining audio, video and other relevant data in a manageable package.

In Theatre Management

The FilmStore Central receives the content (whether dispatched by satellite or other data transport method) and manages that content within the multiplex. The FilmStore Central offers additional storage, redundancy, security and logging functions for the theatre operator.


In each auditorium authorized content is loaded onto individual FilmStore Players, using standard interfaces and internationally accepted networking technology and components. Once loaded, features and other content can be remotely managed and easily and simply managed from the booth or from the theatre manager's office.

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